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"RONNY MCKINLEY" vocals/guitar




Born in Polk County Florida on traditional Memorial Day 1961, I always thought the flags flew on my birthday because it was MY birthday!

But of course since then I have learned a few of the cold hard truths,

and one is, that nothing comes easy. My father is a Pentecostal preacher, and of course just like some of the legends in music today, thats right where I learned to sing and play.


After years of playing gospel music, I signed my first record deal with Cheyenne Records in Nashville Tennessee, and scored four number one hits on my debut album entitled Plain as Day. Through this album I met and became good friends

With Jim Hurt, writer of Love in the First Degree recorded by Alabama.

Jim took me under his wing, took me to Nashville, and introduced me to a world that still turns my everyday life, every day.

A few years later I met Clinton Gregory, singer of such hits as Master of Illusion, A-11, Gulf and the Shell.

I became Clintons road manager and backup singer and penned a few songs on his latest album with the legendary Hank Cochran, who had penned such hits as I Fall to Pieces, Make the World Go Away, The Chair, and the list goes on forever.


After leaving Clinton Gregory, I was hired by Hank Cochran and became what I call his left hand man, being that his right hand still works very well. 

While in Nashville, Jody and I agreed to  form our own band somehow, somewhere, someday, which brings us to right now, The happiest time of my life McKinley and Beggs and our best friends such as Joe English, Tony Hall and Kevin Wilson, the core and backbone of our stage band.

With the continued support of our fans, friends, family, my wife Sherri,

and  7 beautiful children, Chad, Colby, Cy, Cansas DelRay and Cade, (Cutter Blue), Justin & Devin. I continue to live a dream that most could never imagine.



 Ronny McKinley